Links to students I am or have worked with for graduate projects and thesis/dissertation work.

Current Students

Name Dates Proj/Type
Alexandra von Ausdall Summer 2008 - Current Masters Student (Computational Sciences)
Sisi Ma Summer 2008 - Current Masters Project (Wii Immersive Head Tracking for Virtual Environments)
Gideon Mazambani Spring 2008 - Current Masters Thesis (Grid Computing)
Terry Rawlinson Fall 2007 - Current Masters Thesis (Risk & Events in Virtual Environments)
Lakshmi Pydikondala Fall 2007 - Current Masters Project (Alice and Virtual Environments)
Jigar Pandya Spring 2007 - Current Masters Project (Corvus Grid Framework)
Pratyush Kotturu Fall 2006 - Current Masters Thesis (Robotics, Active Vision)
Lonnie Wakefield Fall 2005 - Current Masters Thesis (Embodied Cognition, Risk & Events)

Student Alumni

Name Dates Proj/Type
Swathi Tummala Spring 2007 - Fall 2007 Masters Project (Python WebDev & Soap Distribution)
Mahesh Nadella Summer 2006 - Fall 2007 Masters Project (Python Grid Frameworks)
John Bratteli Spring 2006 - Fall 2007 Undergraduate Senior Project (USRP Software Defined Radio)